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With senior management and executive experience reflecting a host of capabilities, David Every has the expertise, experience, and retail/communities’ interests in forming a new consulting practice.

Services provided by Every Business Consulting practice span the strategic needs of forward-thinking organisational design, change management, business development and relationship and financial management.

Over the course of his career, David has honed his skills and knowledge base in both the public sector (communities executive management – Disabilities and Housing) and in the private sector (retail executive management in 4 leading ASX companies).

During his work in the communities’ sector building the organisation from 184 properties to over 500; working with clients coming from long term homelessness, mental health, disabilities, aged and refugees. Working in this sector David worked closely with Mental Health teams across Brisbane and the South East as well as other Government Departments. David transformed the office and staffing roles from a team of 6 staff to a team of 25 staff. David developed all processes and policies for the NGO with close assistance and change management with support from the board and staff.

During his time in the retail sector David was instrumental in the success of Australia’s largest distribution centre of at the time one hectare under roof, (larger to be expanded to two hectares). David was the handover manager of the largest single-level store in Australia of over 10,000 square metres trading in of excess of $1mil on the first day and over $3mil in the first week.

Nowadays David is focusing on connecting retailers with the best quality Australian Made, owned, and produced products. Assisting business to develop smart business retail processes, build profits, evolve staff and guild policy, process and practices to make to businesses more effective, differentiate competition, reduce stress and better staff and train the right people for the right position.

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One on One

Consulting Sessions

  • Improving the individual, because we recognize that only by improving the productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency of the individual can both the individual and the organization benefit.

  • One-on-one consulting works with all levels within an organization. Among David’s clients are CEO's, Vice Presidents, line managers and support staff.

  • Design intensive training programs that speak specifically to an individual's needs so that the individual can become ever more successful within the framework of the organization for which he or she works.

Business Growth


  • Develop smart business retail processes

  • Build profits through policy and procedures

  • Evolve staff through communicational guidelines

  • Differentiate competition

  • Recruitment – Staff onboarding, training the right people for the right position

Customised Management Training

  • Assertive communication and conflict management

  • Managing organisational change and transitions

  • Interviewing and hiring procedures that work

  • Leadership tactics for today’s supervisors and managers

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal:

It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

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